Thursday, September 13, 2018

Middlebury Invitation 2018 This Weekend!

Middlebury Fall tennis season is underway! Even though we have been practicing for less than one week, the coaching staff has been pleasantly surprised at the level of focus and work our group has been able to put in. With the Middlebury Invitational starting on Saturday, everyone is feeling excited for our first competition of the year. It is always particularly enjoyable to see our freshmen compete in Panther gear for the first time!

As we start our first competition of the year, we remind ourselves that joy is
a critical ingredient of the Middlebury Tennis journey from start to finish!

Freshman Spotlight: Get To Know Freshmen Zach Hilty
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California
Siblings: One older sister
Favorite Food: Spaghetti with Meatballs
Favorite Hobby Outside of Tennis: Mountain Biking
Pets: A one-year old golden retriever named Rafa and three cats named Lucy, Leo, and Susie
Favorite Pro Tennis Player: Rafael Nadal
Best Part About Being Left-Handed: Confuses Opponents
Favorite Thing About Middlebury College So Far: The people here are open-minded and willing to learn new stuff

Zach Hilty '21 (left) with Stan Morris '21
repping some new Midd gear!
Match play begins at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday for anyone interested in coming out to support. If you are following along from afar, results will be updated here each day:

Our entire roster will be competing this weekend, with the exception of Junior Alex Vanezis, who is currently studying abroad in Japan!

To add to our preparation, please see below an updated history of the Middlebury A Flight singles and doubles. Of note, both Farrell and Cuba will be competing again in the A flight to see if they can etch their names another time on this prestigious list!

A Brief History of the Middlebury Invitational A Flight Since 2002
Singles Winner
Singles Finalist
Doubles Winners
Edmunds (Midd)
Burke (Bow)
Hulce/Beilin (Midd) co-champs
Waldron (Midd)
Edmunds (Midd)
Brown/Ingoglia (Midd)
Waldron/Mayer (Midd)
Edmunds/Waldron Beilin/Scott (Midd) co-champs
Edmunds/Waldron (Midd)
Beilin/Waldron (Midd) co-champs
Alex Scott (Midd)
Marsden (Trin)
Marinkovic/Olson Scott/Mayer (Midd) co-champs
Gates (Bow)
Stein (Bates)
Marinkovic/Thomson (Midd)
Sullivan (Bow)
Stein (Bates)
Brown/Chin (Colby)
Thomson (Midd)
Pena (Bow)
Rupasinghe/Bettles (Bates)
Peters (Midd)
Bonfiglio (Trin)
Rifkin/Newton (Ith)
Parower (Midd)
Jones (Midd)
Jones/Lebovitz (Midd)
Cramptom (Bates)
Bettles (Bates)
Crampton/Bettles (Bates)
Fitzgibbons (Midd)
Glickman (Tufts)
Mountifield/Smolyar (Midd)
Smolyar (Midd)
Farrell (Midd)
Planche/Ellis (Bates)
Farrell (Midd)
Granoff (Brandeis)
Grimes/Uyeno (RPI)
Farrell (Midd)
Leung (Skidmore)
Derbani/Schlanger (Midd)
Cuba (Midd)
Rosen (Bates)
Schlanger/van der Geest (Midd)

Also, we wanted to share that we have finalized the date of our Ring Ceremony which will take place on October 20th at the halftime of the homecoming Panther football game (vs Bates)! We do still have a handful of 2018 Championship t-shirts left ($15 each). If you would like to order any, please email us and we will send them out to you. 

Go Midd!

- The Middlebury Men’s Tennis Coach Staff

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