Monday, January 29, 2018

Nearing Feb Break and the Start of the Spring Season!

Scores from other programs around the country are starting to roll in. Due to our NESCAC constraints, we are still in our off-season period. This delayed start only provides us with additional motivation for our current training. Moreover, we definitely feel that the “off-season” should be renamed “investment-season.” Even without direct coaching guidance, our group continues to put in a tremendous amount of effort on the courts and in the gym. We know that Investing this work into each players’ respective development will not only benefit each guy this season, but in the years to come as well.

One unique experience our team, and entire Middlebury athletic department, benefitted from this January was a visit from one of the world’s most coveted sports psychologists, Dr. Jerry Lynch. Having been a part of 37 NCAA national championship teams as well as having ongoing consultancies with legendary NBA coaches such as Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson. Getting exposed to Jerry’s mindset and philosophies surrounding building a championship culture primed our group to delve into ourselves and to consider what we can do on a daily basis to give to our team and to better ourselves. We believe that focusing on this process and bolstering our mental training alongside of our physical training will provide the best preparation for achieving our ultimate goals. If you are curious and want to learn more about Jerry, please check out his webpage at

Most importantly, we also wanted to share with you our finalized schedule for the spring ( We have a great schedule planned with many opportunities to test ourselves against some of the toughest competition around the country. Matches start to heat up in March. Toward the end of March, our spring break trip in Claremont, CA allows us to schedule not only high-level DIII opponents, but also matches against other divisions as well. Azusa Pacific for example, tends to have many ex-professional ATP players toward the top of their lineup.  Additionally, we hope to be visiting Claremont again in May as they are hosting the elite eight and beyond of the NCAA championships there. We will of course compete against many of our top-level NESCACs rivals during April, which will ensure that our team is battle tested prior to post-season play.

 A ferocious and precocious group of freshmen joining our roster with their official roster photos!

Regular Season Schedule Highlights:

3/17                 10am               MIT                                         Boston, MA

3/24                 2:30pm            Azusa Pacific Univ                 Azusa, CA

3/27                 4pm                 Pomona-Pitzer College            Claremont, CA

3/31                 10am               CMS                                       Claremont, CA

4/7                   10am               Williams College                     Williamstown, MA

4/8                   1pm                 Tufts University                      Medford, MA

4/14                 1pm                 Bowdoin College                    Middlebury, VT

4/21                 3:30pm            Emory University                    Hartford, CT

4/22                 1pm                 Wesleyan College                    Middletown, CT

4/29                 1pm                 Amherst College                     Middlebury, VT

Potential Postseason Schedule:

5/4-6                All Day           NESCAC Championships      Williamstown, MA
5/11-13            All Day           NCAA 1st-3rd rounds              TBD

5/21-26            All Day           NCAA Championships           Claremont, CA

We look forward to seeing you at any matches you might be able to attend and love that you are cheering us on in person or from wherever you are. As always, we want to thank you for your support of Middlebury Tennis!

Go Midd!

The Middlebury Men’s Tennis Coach Staff

Sunday, January 7, 2018

J-Term 2018

Happy 2018 to our Middlebury Tennis family! We want to begin this blog post by wishing everyone a Happy New Year filled with joy and excitement. We feel so fortunate to be able to work with our current group of fourteen players (welcome back Cole Sutton after a semester abroad in Spain!), and the coaching staff has been anxiously anticipating being able to reunite with our squad.

From left to right: Xiao, Guo, Samets, Vanezis, and Geest

Returning to campus after the winter holiday for J-Term, there is a tangible feeling of excitement as the spring season draws near. Since completing fall competition, the Panthers have not blinked, training hard throughout the off-season. Beating up on each other in practice matches allows our guys to remain sharp and battle tested. The senior captains, Will de Quant, Kyle Schlanger, and Timo Van der Geest, have been efficiently organizing the training regimen on and off the court for the team and have made it clear that the Panthers are focused on leaving no stones unturned in regard to our preparation. The coaching staff is extremely appreciative of our team’s leadership from both the upper and lower classmen, and feel confident that the players will continue their momentum into J-term leading up to our first official practices which begin on February, 15th.
The coaching staff is also staying busy this off-season and one fun and exciting event on February, 10th is that Coach Thomson will be getting married in Arizona! 

Assistant Coach AT and Weston Brach

Echoing our excitement for this season, the ever popular DIII tennis blog recently released their season preview of our team. We fully agree that we have a talented team this year with the potential for big achievement, but know that we will need to stay grounded and focused on putting in the necessary work to give ourselves the best chance of making a deep run at NCAAs. The coaching staff would like to clarify that we are not the authors of this blog, but certainly appreciate their complimentary views of our program. Check out their full season preview of the Panthers here:

As they call him in the Division III tennis blog: Occum's Eazor!

Stay tuned for more updates.  Hope everyone in the northeast is staying warm during the recent winter freeze!

Go Midd!

The Middlebury Men’s Tennis Coach Staff