Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Panther Opening Day

Welcome Midd Tennis fans to the start of the spring 2015 dual match season! The panthers have been on the grind, logging morning conditioning sessions and focused practices all in anticipation of this Saturday’s season kickoff when we play host to 31st ranked Stevens and 34th ranked Brandeis at 10:00 AM and 3:30 PM respectively.

New training complex for our workouts
We’ve gained lots of momentum from the hours put in and it’s needless to say our guys feel like caged panthers ready for competition after being holed up in Nelson arena and the weight room all winter awaiting the start of the season. The previous 4 weekends we played Blue-White inter-squad dual matches to keep giving us match experience and to help us determine where everyone stood when it came time to form our lineup. Both coaches are extremely proud of the effort and maturity with which we approached these matches as competing against your teammates and friends can be difficult.

A major part of our training this winter has been our use of the new indoor multi-sport training complex, which was finished just in time for the start of our morning workouts. 

Shoveling snow off Proctor
 We used the facility’s state of the art indoor track, stadium stairs, and synthetic-turf to sprint, jump, and work our way to becoming the fittest team in the NESCAC; we met every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:45 to build our physical skills.

The first warm weather is starting to show which means outdoor tennis is just around the corner once the ice and snow is off the Proctor courts.

Stay tuned for a recap of our double header this weekend and more information on our upcoming spring break trip to Los Angeles where we will be playing 8 matches in 7 days!


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